Zinda Multi Coloured Shaggy Pile Recycled Chindi Rag Rug




Zinda means ‘Alive’ and these rugs definitely bring life to your room! Our Zinda range was inspired by a single sample of an old fashioned frilled rag rug. When placed in our shop in Scotland, it attracted much comment from our older customers who remembered making similar articles in their younger days. They spoke of a time when Western society was more careful with its resources. Fitted floor coverings were far less common and so it was normal practice for old clothing and bed sheets to be cut into strips and woven into rugs to bring warmth to the home. Whilst some cultures have left the practice behind, there are others who have continued and they have much to teach us. We love the lively feel of these rugs but we also love the obvious message about the need for society to recycle whenever possible. Please shake or use gentle spot cleaning. Take care not to dislodge the fabric.

GORGEOUS FRILLED SHAGGY CHINDI RAG RUG – Multi Colours to Brighten Your Floor

ETHICALLY SOURCED – From a GoodWeave Accredited Supplier

GREAT ECO FRIENDLY OPTION! The rugs are made with recycled materials

INDIVIDUALLY MADE! Every One is Different so Please Allow for Variations in Colour

SEVERAL SIZES – Choose from a range of sizes – and look out for our cushion covers too!

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60cm x 200cm, 70cm x 140cm, 120cm x 180cm, 60cm x 90cm, 90cm x 150cm


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