Black & Multi Colour Indian Wall Hanging


Black & Multi Colour Indian Wall Hanging

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Black & Multi Colour Indian Wall Hanging.Pretty Indian embroidered wall hanging, great for hanging loose or to put in a frame. This hanging has been handmade from scrap fabrics and are not a perfect item but they are very unique no two are the same. Some of the material is irregular and there may be a few loose threads rags and imperfections. The price takes this into account a perfect hanging would be a lot more expensive. Because the hangings are made from scrap fabric there may be some marks on the material and they may be of different ages but it results in a beautiful mosaic wall hanging. None of the imperfections should be particularly visible when hanging. The photos show them as exactly how they are! I have included a few pictures of the discolouration and glue marks that are on the rear and sides of this hanging again reflected in the price none of these hangings are perfect as they are hand made.

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104cm x 154cm



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